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March 22, 2005



why do they ALWAYS choose "soothing" music?! I would rather them put on some metal while making me cry- at least i feel like they are angry at me... i got a facial whilst listening to the enya collection- i didn't dislike her before but now i loathe it. sarah brightman covering perfectly great songs is just wrong.


terra naomi

ABSOLUTELY!!! that was my biggest problem with it - her voice alone is annoying enough but when i heard "dust in the wind" i nearly screamed.

also - can i just mention the fact that the woman is OLD and looks about 18 in her promo shots!?!?!?! look at her face. jesus. she must have had INCREDIBLE amounts of plastic surgery and/or an amazing airbrusher. but i mean, really, she's been married to andrew lloyd weber for like 30 years...


Sarah Brightman is possibly the scariest woman alive...you should actually try to WATCH her sing, it's frightening. She and ALW divorced about 20 years ago though ;-). Gah i'm sorry lol


oh my god! I had to go to a concert of hers with my friend and I seriously thought I might slit my wrists. She was swinging on a swing suspended from the ceiling and wearing a tutu. I just thought I would die before it was over since it seemed to last two thousand years. Agh! And yes... dust in the wind was particularly awful. It was like she embodied everything that is the oppposite of how cool you are Terra! Besides... I think she might be extra hairy (haha)


You people are hilarious! And dead scary. But yeah, the new age pan flutes stuff is pretty damned annoying. Almost like fingernails running down the chalkboard. Like who the hell listens to that stuff anyway?!

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