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May 28, 2005



Have fuuuun! I hope you do get the chance to update from the road. I love to hear about peoples travelling adventures. :-D

Ask for "Evian" or something really stuck up like "imported spring water from Fiji".
- large amounts of freshly brewed coffee or tea

Tina L.

PS: don't forget to turn off that light.. don't want an electricity bill for $500+


ooo a rider..
i agree with the water thing. you have to be specific!! ahaha


I think you should ask for really outrageous stuff, like Kobe Beef, a football helmet full of cottage cheese, nude pictures of Bea Arthur

take care, drive safely and have fun!!!

terra naomi

mmmm....bea arthur...


Have fun, kick @$$, and go rock someone's world!


you should request something that's easy to steal. you know? like small, packaged things. then you could take them home with you at the end of it all.
do you have a rider each night? or is it just like a paper you fill out before the tour and then it applies to every venue? i've never had one before, so i'm not sure. haha
you could get some tea and honey.
thats always nice to have.
i'm sure you will think of something.
but you should throw in one or two crazy off the wall things just to make it fun for the people at the venue. and then, when they can't find it, or don't have it there for you, get really upset and sad and just act like your whole world is crumbling.
that's how i would entertain myself.


I second the nude pics of Bea Arthur. That is, if it wasn't already on your list. I know its on mine!


I am completely new on your blogg but I hope you have/had(?) a safe trip!

Take care,

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