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March 18, 2004



hey terra, that picture is really nice. joy has a few great ones from the show at jaime's; i'll get them from her soon. she has a digital camera so it shouldn't be too difficult. i took one picture but it's all strange and blurry. i would have taken more but i didn't want to upset the mood, haha. i have issues with taking pictures in certain situations, i never want to get on people's nerves or...something. but anyway, joy has great pictures. that was my point. um...:-D

this girl i know from a message board might come out to your show on wednesday, if she can make it. tryin' to spread the word, ya know. i hope you're having lots of fun on tour!


Hey Terra,
It was a real pleasure having you perform in this years Rogue Festival. We've posted a few pictures on the site... a couple of great ones of you there! Feel free to "steal" them for your own site if you want. Was wondering if we could "steal" the one of you and Tyler for the Rogue site.

Here are the unofficial numbers for the Festival this year... over 3400 paying audience members... an estimated 500 rogue gallery patrons... leaving a grand total of over 3900 for the entire fest!

And of course you have bragging rights to the Rogue "Sold Out" & "Independent Producer" Awards!

Hope you are coming back next year!



Just to say that here in Italy i listen to your music and i dream about having you here for a gig.
thanks for the shivers


terra naomi

sarah -- can't wait to see the photos!

marcel -- i had a wonderful time at the rogue festival -- will try to make it next year...yes, you may steal that photo...just give credit to terrance...

michele -- thank you for listening to my music! i can't wait to play in italy someday...i love your country. i've been to tuscany (lucca), pisa, perugia and rome and look forward to spending more time over there...

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