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April 21, 2004


Machete' of Truth

But then there would be no excellent blogs like yours.

PS. I would rather have a flat-chested lover than one with fake boobs.


amen, sister!


tis why my ipod is with me when i'm on that hamster wheel. i agree though.


I agree with the statements about body image and fucked up ideas about what men and women should look like, but would you really want to grow your own food? You know why we have time to blog and work out and stuff like that? because we arent working in a field all day just so we can eat. Go back to your 10'x10' shack in montana, Kaczynski.


ha ha LA sounds like a lovely place....


Yeah that show really is kind of sick. Which episode were you tortured with? I've seen way too many...the one where the brothers wanted to look like Brad Pitt (did NOT happen obviously, there will only be one Brad! ;-)), the guy who got made into a girl (or at least got some big fake breasts), etc... It's sad that the people think that after they do all this that they will automatically become more popular with whichever sex they prefer. And maybe even more sad is the fact that maybe it is true...they will be more popular with some people because of how they look now as apposed to before. Yuck.

=( i saw the one featuring "jessica" who wanted to look like j-lo...the she-male version...and then i saw the ones with the chick who wanted to be in playboy and the plus-size model who wanted kate winslet's body...hmmm...all very sensationalized stories...i think i'm sensing a theme!!!


i think i've seen all the episodes of that show so far...the brad pitt and j.lo ones were definitely the saddest and the most disturbing. did you see elvis? good god. and is it just me or has every single one of these people come out looking a lot worse?


I think this show and "the swan" are disturbing. thats why I don't have cable.


but mcdonald's tastes too damn good

mcdonald's doesn't even serve actual food. ewwww.

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