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April 20, 2004


Pauly D

Low-carb chocolates and potato chips with OLESTRA. Anal leakage, stomach cramps and disorientation. All par for the course.


That's why you should just eat normal food, like a normal person

i don't know about the anal leakage part, thank god, but can you spell g-a-s...eeeeewwwwwwww!!!
xoxo terra =)


aw, i could have told you that. i was away for a week and i couldn't get to you in time, haha. but my mom's been on atkin's for over a year now and she learned about that maltitol or malitol or whatever the hard way. she's since found some low carb chocolate that doesn't do that to you, however. she carries bags of them when she travels. it's...strange. i'll have her bring you one of her chocolate bars in san diego, haha.

terra naomi

awesome -- i can't wait...hope i don't have a psychosomatic reaction to them! i'll just have to eat it AFTER the show...=)

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