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May 26, 2004



so do blondes really have more fun?

Tina L.

terra naomi

i don't know yet but i'll let you know...=)


Are you that blonde girl? Nah, it must be computer generated :P
Anyways I think you look even prettier with your black hair.

Btw, I have just downloaded some of your songs and I'm impressed, you have a really nice voice.

terra naomi

ya, i'm blonde now...i needed a change...sometimes girls do that! glad you like the black hair, though, since it will reappear someday...


Looks good! I like it! It's going to be a bitch to keep up though (your natural color is the dark right?). That takes guts to go from what you had to blonde. When I went blonde (from a light brown) I kinda freaked out at first and thought it looked bad but then I got used to it...and now I'm a redhead. haha

You look pretty in that pic. Were you going somewhere special?

terra naomi

i was on my way to the prince show :)

he rocked! and so did that limo!


Well first of all, I'm defining weblog by format, not content. So it's different because 1) it's ordered reverse-chronologically, 2) it's updated frequently, many times a day, and 3) it has permalinks so each post has a specific URL associated with it for easy referencing. In my mind that's already quite different from "the rest of the content found on most commercial sites."

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