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June 28, 2004



i obsess a lot, too. and i wouldn't trade it either.

blogging gets so frustrating after a while. you have issues and people in your life that you have to protect, so there becomes less and less that you're able to reveal about your own personal thoughts and feelings. it makes me angry sometimes and i start thinking, "this is MY life, i should be able to say what i want on my own journal, damnit." but i guess that's what my *real* paper diary is for. i just get so used to sharing things. mostly i write in a desperate attempt to connect with other people when i feel so utterly panicked and alone, and it sucks sometimes when i feel i'm forced to hold back.

thanks for sharing that with us, though, terra. i think you said a lot more than you think you did.


i hope the show in san diego went great! oh and i loved your comment to camille. michael jackson quotes equal love.


that was sort of cryptic. Tell me! tell me! I want to know now more than ever before!


I think I understand how you feel. I only hope that you have *someone* you can tell these things to. Someone who will listen without judging, interrupting, or trying to "solve" things for you - and whom you can trust to keep your words as silent in their heart as you have in yours.

you all rock...except for ezra who is most definitely being sarcastic...ok, he rocks, too...sarah -- you get it! the urge to tell all is quite a compelling force...and brian -- i pay someone for the pleasure of keeping my secrets! she has a PhD.


I do rock, don't I? Anyway, I wasn't urging Terra to tell me right here on the blog. She can call me and tell me.

terra naomi

hey ez -- i wrote that comment above -- just forgot to enter my name...and i will call you and tell all...

ken  t

Hi Terra!

I vote for do whatever you want as long as you're
not hurting anybody. I've read other blogs and
some seem to reveal quite a bit and it seems like
one benefit is to get it off your chest. Another
surprising benefit is that so many others have the
same or similar feelings or obsessions or whatever. And I find that most people reading
or commenting on these blogs are very supportive
of you the artist. I find it quite courageous
and admirable to reveal in a vulnerable or non
threatening (Sp? I'm too lazy to go look up the
spelling and this comment section does not have a
spell checker) way. But it is your blog and
whatever you choose to reveal or not reveal is
certainly okay with us fans of yours. You have
a wonderful voice, your songs reflect intelligence as well as evoke emotions. Carry on with whatever your heart chooses I know you
will anyway but I'm just commenting to support

Ken t

terra naomi

thanks for your comment, ken! i appreciate the support...xoxo terra

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