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July 03, 2004



yes, joey from "full house", of course.



its true, i remember reading and interview with "uncle jesse' wife" a few wks back and she confirmed that it was about him.


you can't be serious...


Dave Coulier was also on a show called "out of control" from the early 80's. I don't remember much about it but DC would always say "Cut. It. Out" and as he would do this he would make these wierd hand signals that are hard to describe on here-

cut- he would make a cutting motion with his fingers like they were scissors

it- he would point

out- he would make a fist with the thumb extended up and point over his shoulder (like an umpire calling someone out in baseball)

I hope that made sense...I can totally picture it, but maybe it is harder if you havent seen it...

and yes, I am a fountain of useless knowledge. You want me on your team for trivial pursuit. Or on your phone a friend list for "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"


he was also on a show that aired on nickelodeon...is that the show you're talking about, ezra? i remember it being more like late 80s, but maybe they were reruns...i just remember him being in this room...it's all so fuzzy. hmm. something about space? maybe? i guess i can just go on imdb.com and look it up. here we go.


aha! it IS the same show! oh, the things i learn on terra's blog.


yes I wasnt sure about the date, but I knew it was on nickelodeon (sp?). There was fast forward thing they would do, where they would get letters from kids who hated something (haircuts, chores, school) and then show a clip of the kid getting a haircut (or whatever) at a sped up speed.

Pretty dumb if you ask me.

There was also a joke telling computer I think


"its true, i remember reading and interview with "uncle jesse' wife" a few wks back and she confirmed that it was about him."

Okay, first of all, how would 'Uncle Jesse's Wife' know who Alanis Morissette wrote about in a song? I highly doubt they were good friends and that Morissette confirmed the rumor to *Aunt Becky*, as she's never confirmed it before. We don't know that the rumor is true, so don't go around singing it as true when you would obviously NOT know.


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