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July 06, 2004


Sean Harding

Hmm. I thought of a green wrench. I must be deranged or something. Heh.


i thought of an orange hammer. so...slightly abnormal? weird.


green hammer for me

terra naomi

wierd...it totally worked on me. and on a friend of mine. but my mom and aunt both said green hammer...so far, in my personal experience, it's turning out to be about 50/50...hmm...


Just did it with myself and 3 roommates.

I and two others said "red hammer".

One, (she must be TOTALLY ABNORMAL ;) said "yellow drill".

That was unbelievably crazy though. So far, the apartment is running at 75%. I'll have to wait until a few more people come over later tonight.


Haha I said Red Hammer too! Weird. :-)


i thought "wrench red" lol


yay! i love tools. this thingy was fun. i thought of an orange phillips screwdriver. guess my brain is defective. i got gypped. hehe.
=) ~camille

terra naomi

well, i thought of a red hammer, and if that means i'm NORMAL then we're all in trouble...


red hammer for me too. ugh, normal.


I thought of a green wrench too... hmm.. Im abnormal **tear


Blue hammer for T. I always knew I was a little out of it...


i thought of a blue spanner!


Hey, blue hammer for me too! Bizarro...


omfg sooo freakin wierd, i said red dildo, ahahahahahah.... man thats wack :S i must have a one track mind. or maybe i ascoiate hammering with dildos? i dunno.


i though of a green fork...i guess my mind must run on a different course to the norm...hmmm i always thought o was a little weird.

i thought of a green fork...i guess my mind must run on a different course to the norm...hmmm i always thought i was a little weird.

I also thought of a red hammer -- did anybody else feel a little tug of war in their mind? For a split second I thought I was going to say something else but I almost felt pulled towards the red hammer. Come on, somebody explain this to me.


check it


F*ck, this is LITTLE spooky......it was a yellow hummer for me.....hmmmmmmmm 30% abnormal...


I said a purple screw driver i must be screwed lol

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