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July 03, 2004



i know exactly what you mean. i couldn't have said that better myself. i feel very much the same way pretty much all the time. i've got nothing to add, but i must say that it's comforting to have you express that because it makes ME not feel so alone and crazy. <3


when you play do you feel the connection? also, i think la isn't the best place to live/ work considering its so artificial and fake- its all interwoven.

i thought you should know, i love going to shows. some performers exude sex, energy, emotion, intelligence, etc. out of all the people that ive seen, you are one of the few people that has it all with the most sustained pattern of (insert above list of adj. here). for me to empathize with someone during shows is extremely difficult but for you its always there.


i just read a quote on a friend's live journal that said something to the effect of, i wish i could be drunk so i could have an excuse to tell people how i really felt. it makes me so sad to think that a lot of people feel that way. they feel like they need an excuse to express how they really feel, whether it be alcohol or drugs or what have you. i crave honesty, sincerity, openess. basically i totally understand how you feel.

i'm so glad that you all get it...just needed to express that because it can be very lonely out here. and the temptation, when i feel lonely, is to look for what i need in whoever happens to be around...and tina, you are right...la is not the best place to have one's emotional needs met. i think it might be the loneliest place i've ever been. but yes, i do feel that connection when i play music for people. that is when i feel most fulfilled.


I think you can have emotional needs met in LA.
It may be a little more difficult since so many
are stressed out just living with LA's pace and influences. But you have to find these people.
Those of you that posted regarding this issue
understand and can connect with emotional support
for each other. And this is just a tiny sample
of more like yourselves in LA.

Don't get me wrong I feel very alone many times
also and I think it can be common. But we can
do something about it even in LA.


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