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August 27, 2004



i'm so sorry about your cat, terra :( i know what it's like to lose a pet and it's the most horrible feeling. i'm a big animal lover as well and i've had lots of them so i've been through it too many times.

my friend had a black cat named inky. :) and today i found out that someone who's in a band that i like has a dog with the same (unusual, i think) name as a dog i used to have. today is pet coincidence day, or something. ?

anyway i hope you feel better...take care. <3


I remember that picture.
also, I love you.



Wow, what a shitty way to find out my cat died...Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me know.

My cat of 18 years died when I was 21 and I also
also cried, but my big bro planted an
azalea bush over his grave so he would
always have flowers in the spring, how cool
is THAT!

Plus my kitty of 10 years was I know
poisoned the other night and he was
seriously high for a few hours but he came
out of it. Thank goodness

terra naomi

oh my...i'm SO glad to hear that your kitty is ok...it's incredible how we bond to the animals we live with, isn't it? that azalea bush is a beautiful idea...unfortunately, inky went off to die...at least we think that's what happened...she never came back. i think she wanted to die alone. it makes me so sad...still...i miss her...

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