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August 29, 2004


Pauly D

Just so you know, Rediwhip is nothing but flavored AIR. Just like flavored water! NO CALORIES!! Eat away!!


That can't be true. Maybe you are leaving the can upright when you push in on the nozzle.


20 calories per serving...2 grams of fat (1g saturated fat)...1 serving = 2 TBSP

terra naomi

i liked pauly's answer better...


He was trying to trick you into becoming a big fatty.

terra naomi



i don't like the chocolate kind. at least i don't think so. but the regular kind, oh god...whenever i have some, i dispense freely quite often. mmmmmmm. i drink hot chocolate as an excuse to consume massive quantities of whipped cream.

terra naomi

you MUST give chocolate another try...

Eliel Mariano

Oi, não te conheço, mas quando vi o seu blog achei que poderia mandar uma mensagem, Sou Brasileiro ( Brazil) e gostaria de fazer amizades com alguem daí !



maybe you haven't realized the key to
looking thin is to buy your pants a size to
large. It works!

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