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November 05, 2004



you won an open mic competition??? that's so freaking awesome! arlan did not tell me that. she's not telling me much of anything lately. damn her. you're keeping her too busy! j/k :D

internet access at schlotsky's deli is also news to me. but then, the only schlotsky's i knew of that was here is gone now, so who knows if they'd be all wired up and technologically advanced had they survived just a few more months. i guess we'll never know. as for me, i'm at my friend's house right now in kent, ohio, 2 hours from columbus, on my laptop. wireless internet is definitely the way to go.

keep having fun and kicking ass, terra...i'll see you very soon and i can't wait. you're gonna have to sing "moses" here or i will cry. i'll even sacrifice "sunday's best" for it.



You are so cool! I can't believe how many places you are going! I love the way you write. It makes me laugh out loud. Alma and I are throwing all our support your way as you travel across all those darn red states. We all miss you at Carson!

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