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April 04, 2005



You're pretty good at that, have you ever thought of being some rappers bitch? Or maybe his baby momma?


LOL Nicely done.

i know one- hot. is it just me or is this kind of rhyming so kindergarteny. its like sheep in my sleep drive a jeep beep beep.

Tina L.


hahaahah, that made me laugh out loud. rhyming with the same word is like song-writing's #1 no-no!


hahahhaha!!! terra, your sense of humor is unsurmountable. =)

miss you. i look forward to seeing you soon!


Chris Kathman

Do you really have implants?

terra naomi

um...do i really have implants...well, have you seen my boobs??? if i DO have implants then i am in dire need of a refund. or a lawsuit.


funny. very funny :)
a good musician with a side of humor is always appreciated.


Another reason why I'm not much into rap music. Those DARN NON-RHYMING WORDS DO IT EVERYTIME!


LOL your blogs are more entertaining than some of the crap they call 'sitcoms'! And so true to life too! So you plan on rapping anytime soon?

terra naomi

i suppose i should come up with some kind of rap since i'm dishing on 50 like that - hmm...ok - lemme think bout dat one imma come up wit suh'in...(already in rap lingo mode and most definitely leaning back)


Well flaw number 2, and my personal favorite. Fity is this big thug of a thing who was shot nine times (and dont you forget it) and now he has to wear a bullet proof vest yo- even tho he is probably harder to get to than the president. And he has this chick who rhymes "got" with "got" and has the same first name as my real name (Olivia), and shes is this "way hot big boobied whory gal" and he is there refering to his "g-uint" as a lollipop. Really? Do you want to say "hey muthas what it is yo? I got shot nine times, I gotta 'lollipop' "?

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