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July 25, 2005



Can't wait till you're over here!!!

do you like watermelon flavored stuff???

terra naomi

watermelon??? hell ya!


Let me know if you are planning on coming up here on this tour and maybe we can plan another LR show or have dinner or something. :) You are always welcome to stay here too.

I hope the spider incident didn't follow you into your dreams! :-P

The Lost Girl

Dude. MySpace is how I found you, and tarantulas are cool when they're in cages - but only then. If you're booking a tour, get yourself up to Northern NY, would ya? We don't get live acts up here for obvious reasons and I know that a bunch of people would love to have some good music.

At least your dog doesn't try to eat hornets. ... Or run into walls.


hi! i saw you tour with tyler hilton in chicago at the house of blues. i jsut wanted to let you konw taht you were awesome &i totally fell in love with your music after i saw you open for him.
stay kickin ass.
<33, jenna

terra naomi

thanks guys! i'll be in upstate ny and chicago on this next tour - just gotta get the dates confirmed!

see you soon!
xoxo terra =)

The Lost Girl

Thank you more than you could ever know. Yay! :D

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