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July 09, 2005



terra shalt rocketh hotel cafe once more before they renovate! awesomeness. im gonna try and come.

Tina L.


Send me the info when you get it, re: tour dates, etc, and I will fire up the old publicity machine.


yay for atlanta


You're gonna come to Montreal, you so are!!! Thanks for not forgetting me by the way! ;)
And yeah, if you don't come, I'll kick your ass big time!lol ;)


Excuse me, DC/Baltimore better be one of those "other cities". esp if it's in the middle of the week. Philly is a normal "go to place" but usually on the weekends. Damn you 9-5 job!!! You help me none what so ever in stalking my Terra!!!

Do you still have that IOTA information? Just remember, unfortunately for some of my friends it's 21+ but if you send steve a CD, let me know and I'll put in a word to bump it up in the "to listen to" pile ;)


Woohoo Chicago!!! Terra you better come to Chicago!!!!! I can't wait!


Ditto everything Gilly said, minus Iota b/c I wouldn't able to go. :)


I'm totally in for BOSTON!

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