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August 19, 2005



hello! just heard your music for the first time at work today. i flippin loved it. i work at the coffeeshop that you're playing sept. 30th and will definately be at the show. just wanted to say that i'm pretty excited about seeing you and will tell everyone i know. the place will be packed i promise....


Hello I've been reading your site through Clix and I really like it,
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Stepenlite in Seattle

Not my private now I have to kill you email

Christ you could die trying to get sighned into this servie. I promise to catch up soon.

Could be happy days up in Seattle when you visit. Ignore the crap I've allready written. Were looking at a cool (free)place nicer than the hoolywood hotel. If you're up for it, we'ce got some serious ass to kikd.

P.S. Thanks for the promo material.

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