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September 14, 2005



Listening to your music makes my life better.


no need to thank me - you are so totally worth everything single thing!! =)


alright i messed up and it wouldnt let me edit.

every single thing**


My g/f gave me your CD when she found out you where going to play at her work ( Discusions Coffee house ) at the end of this month i can say that it has made a great impact on both our lives and we both cant wait to see you.


aren't christy and christy and the grandparents the sweetest??? our slumber party was the sweetest!!! I'll have to get pics to show you next friday from the slumber party..since you missed our pics on the floor lol!!

Pauly D

Before long, the list will be long enough to fill up the whole inside of your liner notes, two pages worth! Here's to that!


I love your music and i would like to see u here in Italy playing.. please come :)

Kyle - Friend of Trevor the Underwear Man

Just a little Thank You note for signing all the great stuff in Dallas for my friend Trevor. The T-shirt was a HUGE HIT with his friend (and my stepdaughter) Stephie as well as the cd's. Thank you for just being you... real :)


Last night you played here in Grand Rapids and I went to your show, you're music is amazing. It's helping me get through some hard times. Thank you.

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