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September 14, 2005



God forbid these teachers let the kids see anyone who has overcome their problems and made something of themselves. It would kill all their "if you even look at someone who did drugs once, you'll end up living on the street smoking crack" message that they have been trying to tell kids for the better part of 3 decades.

Fuck 'em


arlan told me about that. that's fucked. maybe i'm wrong but i really think that even my high school, my catholic high school, would have at least talked to you and considered still letting you play before just cancelling the show. that's so messed up.

but oh well, uncensored is better. :) and that's awesome that youguys were able to find a new venue so quickly! i hope things are going well right now...i need to talk to you about the show here. i'll call you. we're excited! next sunday, yay! :D <3


Hell yeah! Music shouldn't be censored. Either you give 'em your piece of mind or you don't at all. It's only profane when you cuss for the sake of cussing. Otherwise, some things just need to be said without glossing it over just because some people are naive enough to think that college kids don't know every swear word in the dictionary. So long as you're not doing gangsta-porno rap or something! :P

It's funny how people are naive enough to think that not seeing=not happening, more so from people in the education sector. I think you can help kids kick the habit of doing dope, or better yet, avoid starting it in the first place because you've been there and done that. You know drugs ain't cool, and you've got the right to say it to those kids. It's a pity some people can't see it that way.

Which is sad, because back in my high school days, they actually brought in a reformed junkie to talk about his experiences. And when he told us not to do dope, it carried a lot more weight than anything our teachers could've told us.

Whatever happened to learning from experience of self and others?

tina l

you know what they say? if you want to loose weight really fast do some speed.

looks like you are saving the world through your art.

Tina L.


Wow. I agree with freefall. People need to figure out that this idea of "ignore it and it'll go away" isn't working. Perhaps one day this teacher will realize that he or she caused students to miss out on what could have been a life-changing event.

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