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March 29, 2006



love to hear about it when a plan with lots of hard work and effort behind it starts yielding a real emotional payoff. enjoy the feeling -- you deserve to! :)


im really surprised that he finally "got it" and got you! im so proud! you need to get a string section in. it'll add to the richness of your voice and really draw it out... you passion really shines in these tracks. well done, ive been waiting for you to sound like this.



Love the new music, Terra! It's great, really! Can't wait to hear more and hopefully I can get some Terra merchandise soon.




jamaal bethea

hey this is jamaal i dont know if you remeber me but
we met at borders a couple of years back
i miss you a lot we need to chill and play some music together i have been doing my own acoustical project for a few years now
and it would be really cool if we could play some shows together so if yournot busy
give me a holler

or 4341833
i also have played in a few bands since we have last seen eachother
chack them out

jamaal bethea



Hey! Omg! It's a great difference.. you knocked me outtah me socks once again!
Can't wait to see (and hear) you play in rl!

Have you ever had an account on Allpoetry.com?
'cause there was a heartie of mine that had that name.

I wish you all the best on your tour and your career.

With love, Iwan (IwMe)

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