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March 12, 2006



you don't feel much connection to "cruisers" of the world? i doubt that i would, either. the descriptions i've heard about most cruise lines is that the ships are floating cities/shopping malls with lots and lots and lots of food available, and plenty of vegas-style entertainment. i like to get away from things/crowds of people on most of my vacations.

have only taken one cruise, around twenty years ago.
it was one of those cruises to alaska, with a difference: the ship only held 100 people or so, we took zodiac excursions to places ships would not fit along the bc coastline and had marine biologists and naturalists around to answer questions, as well as a couple of native american guides for some hiking and historical/cultural persepective. had a great time. funny thing about that cruise though was that about half the passengers were patrons of the seattle opera -- the women all showed up in cocktail gowns expecting to socialize and be party people most of the time. how they wound up on the ship remains one of life's great mysteries. they (and their wardrobes) were totally unprepared for what they were getting into.

very sorry to hear that the madonna performance did not come off as planned; i know you were really looking forward to it.

so, you're telling me you had a non-working microphone for your big moment and the ship's captain did not even summon the sound guy to the deck and have him flogged with a cat o' nine tails and then thrown into the brig for screwing up? sheesh...i guess the good old days are really over. ;)

anyway, glad to have you back and hope you don't feel like you need a new vacation after experiencing this one.

Pauly D

So you're lip synching now, too? Has it already come to that?

So sad.


Loose lips sink ships,LOL,now i need to find a copy of that cruise dvd it's got to be priceless...


they probably fixed the mic so your voice wouldn't make their speakers explode or show up all the other performers...

Old Guy

The only way some people can elevate their self esteem is to lower everyone elese. When you get the mean hearted comments feel sorry for the poor souls that live such a shitty, brainless existance. I too have felt the rage you speak of (driving), me I wish I was driving a tank and could just fire a few rounds and then run over them. But we shall not lower ourselves to their level...right...the dirty rotten bastards.
Old Guy

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