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April 08, 2006



Terra, you are blessed!, and for sure Neil had at the very least one angel singing back for him,i'm so glad the experence with Neil created a fire in you and the idea for a song, see you don't need to be in pain to write, you are blessed!

terra naomi

greg - i can't wait for you to hear this song. it's the most important song i've ever written. i'm releasing it as a video this week....at least that's the plan. have none of the details figured out, but i know it will happen!

i'm so blessed to be able to receive this information and share it with people.

Old Black

Stumbled upon you're blog, read this and now I can't wait to hear this album. What did the album sound like? Who was producing? Did you get any indication on when it's going to be released? I'm sorry to be bothering you with these questions, but I'm really excited about this new Neil record.

I'm also really happy to hear that you got inspired by the session, looking forward to hearing the song.


hey, that's an awesome story! i'm a songwriter and a big neil freak, and it inspires ME that neil inspired YOU in such a way. neil has this attitude that you get the song down, get it out of you, in the purest form possible, with as few edits as possible. that you convey the absolute essence of the song as a manifestation of your soul, you know? i've been trying that path lately, and it's pretty cool where it can take you if you remain open. anyway, best of luck to you and thanks for relating your experience!


Neil Young could clang a rock on soup cans and make it sound symphonic.

Having an orchestra of voices rich as yours means we have a lot to listen for.

Hope to hear and see this tapestry, soon in revealing time.

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