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May 30, 2006



i'm all fot a big party!!! wait, you'll be singing at it right. seeing the movie friday at a theater near you, literally.


Nothing is scarier than the truth... I have schizophrenia, and I did not collapse and fall apart until in the last years of high school I thought my world and society were killing themselves. I didn't want to believe in bonafide, born evil, but I saw so much decay and apathy.

I want to face up to our responsibility toward ecosystems, so I commend the filmakers of An Inconvenient Truth and wish their message spread far and wide. We must turn back to the ways of the forest, desert, tundra, plain, et cetera. If we do not, there will be fewer survivors.

We've got to learn how to work with nature again, as a friend-source for living, not a damned rock to drill a hole into and suck energy to produce toxic shocks for a profit.

We must remember the order of plants and atmospheric currents. All our big buggy human plans for the high points of civilization and all that MUST take a back seat to the priority of maintaining conditions on Earth such that Earth keeps getting to do what Earth always did when we were evolving. We came from this Earth, and we're not respecting it as a global society.

So many of our heads are far up in the clouds in so many ways. We gotta anchor our ambitions in a reasonable, sustainable picture of Earthly reality.

Way to support such deeply profound aims, Naomi!! Thanks for getting a word out. I'll definitely try to spread word about that film. People need to face the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I was just thinking about a potential analogy of what I'm saying: "social ecospheres", in reference to states of worldwide economic and ideological warfare, are experiencing intense global warming at this moment, too. There is so much torment, confusion, prejudice, assualt, and so much... there is a HUGE amount of expression that peace and happiness are desired. We all gotta calm down. The environment and the war scene demand endless attention ever shifting to tackle the current problem which stands resolutely before us. Let's keep getting the words out everyone!!

8| All kidding aside, death without joy and hope for the children's future is what's dead serious about this world. I want to laugh, but more than that, while looking at this world, I want to feel I have good reasons to laugh. I don't want to keep hurting because I feel useless to the survival of life brethren.

Get that word out of the prisons of fear, anger, and ignorance. It's time to speak up for all concerned, and our children's children's children's children's children and their contribution to Earth. We do live together. Earth is calling for us "in the species of mankind" all to relax our iron grips and gain knowledge of THE better way, all the ways we evolved out of.....



hello... i don't speak english very well, i live in France and i just want to say you, that i like very much your voice and your songs... great succès for you...



Considering your ranting about how people can be so subjective, I'm surprised you haven't done more research on "Global Warming." You seem like an intelligent person.

If you only go to places where your view is represented you really can't consider yourself a responsible citizen.

While "Global Warming" will be catastrophic, I urge you to do a little more research. I think you'll find that Al Gore has an equally subversive agenda, and that you have a quite a bit less to worry about than you've been led to believe.

(this movie from a guy that took a private jet with 4 people on it to the premier -- he had other equally viable transportation options)

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