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June 18, 2006



Wil Wheaton? Like the guy from Lean On Me? And later, Star Trek The Next Generation? He is a blogger now?


Is it silly to ask which Mr. Big song?

Curtis M Sawyer

Nerds rock, by the way.

So does Jess. I started listening to your music because of her recommendation. Now you're in my iPod so beware!


Carlos Garcia (aka The Mole)

Oh i just got to say your voice is just really beautiful... I would like you to join my band(Cocoa Sins)... but its not getting... well we really need someone to sing for us... so just take this as a petition for your repertory... try singing dani california (from the red hot chili peppers).you are too big for us (i am saying this well as an artist) im almost a noobie but hey... my band is tryng to work things out.Oh and yes... we are nerdish. Its like weezer but with younger guys.

Hope to hear from you another cool song.even if you dont accept the request (which at this rate it is 99.9% possible that you just deny cuz you are really talented ).Just keep on singing, your helena cover was way too much for the MCR guys... they should really be in the streets with people like you on the spotlight. it isnt with you yet... but just hope it will.Stop watching mtv, if you are watching mtv.. cuz it fries your brain. and if you are not watching mtv.. well maybe thats the reason you are great.I know thats not a good excuse for your talent... as long as you follow your heart and do whats best for you... you are OK.So I dont connect ideas.. great! huh! but well.

Thanks for reading this comment. it would be so dreamy to get well.. you know.. answered by a girl like you.. dont get too surprised...Im mexican and proud of it (and sooooo?)

Thank you (again!)

Your Sincerely, The Mole


Hi, Naomi. Not bad. I have uploaded a pair of your videos I liked to my circumstantial blog. Adios, niña.


hi! i was hearing one of your songs, and i have to say, you are amazing!!
I was watching videos on youtube, and i found one of yours, and i really liked it, so now i've seen like all of them ahahaha...
Saludos desde Chile!!


I love Wil Wheaton In STAND BY ME!
And of course.. I love your music and lyrics and songs altogether! Thanks for the inspiration!

0-|-<): <--skateboard rider.. eeeh

Stan Bernard

Canda Loves Terra Nomi..


Well, Terra
I am here just say hi

I got to know u and ur song several months ago from Youtude, and like the music and ur performances.

I want to have ur CD but seems its a bit hard for me.

Anyway, good luck



I can't post any comment except here i don't know why. I wanted to tell you i'm supporting you, you're the best :)
I think that I understood you were moving to London to make a CD, will it be released if France? I hope so!
never give upppp!!!

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